Way to go - Nathan Roady,

Mark Curtis and Elmo Hall for an outstanding 2018 Honorary Mayor Race. The 3 were creative in their 

FUNdraising efforts. 

Nathan Roady won the "election" with the most dollars raised. A record setting year, with Nathan raising over $20, 000 himself along with over $9,000 from Mark and over $2,000 from Elmo (who only ran for 5 weeks!)

Big Thank You to these guys and their families for raising over $30,000 for the Beaverdam Community.



Don't Miss the Train!



Download the Rules and Requirements. Nominate a friend or neighbor. Check the Candidates Page choose one of the candidates to support. Some go with the candidate that is associated with an organization they like, some support all the canidates to help with the community.

Download a Voting Form and mail in a check. Every dollar counts as a vote.

Vote as often or as lavishly as you like.

The real winner is the community since all monies collected are donated to the sponsoring organizations.


 Mail Nominations and Votes to: 

  Honorary Mayor of Beaverdam

  P.O.Box 86, Beaverdam, VA 23015


The Honorary Mayor of Beaverdam, Virginia will have no authority or power.

The term will be for one year (from Beaverdam Heritage Day to following Beaverdam Heritage Day).

Benefits of being the Honorary Mayor of Beaverdam, Virginia:


Grand Marshall of the Beaverdam Ruritan Club Independence Day Parade. 

Guest of honor at the annual ‘Mayor’s Ball’.

Honored guest at the Beaverdam area’s civic groups meetings.


There are no term limits.

  • Nomination:

    The nominating period is from the first day after Beaverdam Heritage Day and ending on July 4th.

    Nominations for the position must be made in writing to either:

      i.      Association For the Preservation of the Beaverdam Depot.

      ii.      Beaverdam Heritage Days Foundation.

     iii.      Beaverdam Ruritan Club

        iv.      American Legion Post 90

           Mailed to:

Honorary Mayor of Beaverdam

PO. Box 86

Beaverdam, VA 23015

  • The nominee must be a living human being.
  • Residency rule, yes all nominees must be a resident somewhere.
  • A non-returnable $5.00 registration fee must accompany the written nomination. This is to cover the cost of forms, posters, banners, etc.
  • If more than one nomination is submitted for the same candidate, the $5.00 registration fee(s) for each duplicate fee(s) will be counted as 5 votes for that nominee.
  • Voting:

    The voting period is from July 4th until twelve noon on Beaverdam Heritage Days October 13th, 2021

    Means of voting is by dollars donated.

    Each dollar donated in a nominee’s name equals one vote. All are encouraged to voting more than once.

    One does not need to live in the Beaverdam area to vote. Voting early and often is encouraged.

Bribery, buying votes, PACs, and corporate sponsorship are allowed!