The Honorary Mayor of Beaverdam started in 2008 as a means for 3 Beaverdam area Non-Profits to raise funds and have fun while doing so.  The "Mayor" has no true authority but can have fun playing candidate to raise money for The Depot, Heritage Days Foundation and The Beaverdam Ruritan Club. The funds/votes are tallied with the Mayor announced at The Heritage Days Celebration the 2nd Saturday in October. The Mayor is the guest of honor at the Mayor's Ball in March choosing the band and having a say in the details of the food. The Honorary Mayor is also the Grand Marshall for the Ruritan's Independence Day Celebration. 

Creative efforts are made to get folks to vote with dollars - $1.00 a vote. Funds are then donated  to their campaigns. This year we have seen a Beer, Beard and BBQ event, horseback rides and raffles to raise funds - get votes. Each year the candidates come up with creative fundraising events for all to enjoy.

It creates an opportunity to gather, have fun and raise money for the area. All 3 organizations give it all back to Beaverdam.

Win - Win - Win.


**Donations are tax deductible!

Let your candidate know if you need a donation receipt for tax purposes.



Honorary Mayors 

Margaret Jennings is photographed after being crowned at 2013 Beaverdam Heriatge Days with her good friend Billie Raines our 2012 Honorary Mayor of Beaverdam.